shoot. upload. score.

CODE 20 was an innovative service that connected ordinary people and their extraordinary smartphone videos with local, national, and global media outlets. While their service was fantastic, their web presence was outdated. I designed a clean, attractive, video based website, redesigned their blog, and created a sophisticated product landing page to help them relaunch their marketing campaign. In addition to connecting them with a logo designer I also updated their social media and email marketing campaigns.

behind the scenes

In addition to creating a beautiful, modern, and responsive website I also needed to rethink and redesign the backend customer submission process.

header and navigation

Honoring the business model I felt the foremost element on the page should be video clips that serve as examples for the kind of video you could upload and be paid for. These played underneath the sites primary call to action. The new modern logo and a minimal menu completed the header.

purpose and call to action

I followed with a quick overview of the ‘shoot, upload, score’ process, as well as the logos of news networks CODE 20 had relationships with. Sandwiched between them was a CTA leading to the product landing page designed to convert visitors into registered users.

news feed

CODE 20 had an active and prolific blog that highlighted amateur video of breaking news around the world. Providing a section on the front page for the latest stories simultaneously advertised the blog and kept Google’s algorithm happy with rotating content.

call to action and footer

I ended the focus on first time visitors with a reiteration of the primary CTA in a larger bolder section before finishing with the footer. I then organized the footer with information and links to fulfill any other potential customer needs before they leave.

last words

When the redesign and marketing was launched the response was overwhelmingly positive. CODE 20 saw an increase in both traffic and conversion. The customers and the staff were thrilled with the new process and workflow.

Unfortunately, due to their day jobs, the founders were unable to focus as much attention on the business as it required and they decided to shut CODE 20 down in 2016. They hope to resume operation in the future, time permitting.

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