Emerald Family Farms

respect the land. respect the people. respect the plant.

Emerald Family Farms is a California Cannabis brand that cultivates, manufactures, and distributes packaged retail products to licensed retailers. In spite of their success and reach, their website was basic, slow, and had unfocused messaging. I designed a clean, attractive, expanded website that addressed the needs of their four primary customers; cultivators, distributors, dispensaries, and consumers. I simultaneously overhauled their social media presence focusing on lifestyle photography.

behind the scenes

In addition to creating a beautiful, fast, and responsive website I also needed to make sure the website served the needs of all their customer segments.

header and partner portals

Advertising new products to consumers in the header was important so I created a simple slider that could display promotions and the branding the owners wanted seen. Scrolling down revealed the three partner portals to help draw in more business from cultivators, distributors, and retailers. That led to a brief description of the brand identity.

mega-menu and navigation

Using the brands secondary logo, a minimal menu, and an off-screen shopping cart completed the header. With a light weight plugin, I implemented a simple and easy to navigate mega-menu that allowed visitors to navigate the much more complex website without getting confused and allowed for some additional advertising opportunities.

categories and retail partners

I followed with look-book style links to the primary product categories, as well as the logos of some of the high profile retail dispensaries that sold Emerald Family Farms products. That was followed by a link to the powerful and attractive dispensary locator for consumers.

call to action and testimonials

The primary call to action was aimed at getting new retail dispensaries to sign up to sell Emerald Family Farms products. That was immediately followed up by rotating customer testimonials raving about the quality of those products.

blog and email collection

The Emerald Family Farms blog posted press releases and marketing messages for their customers. Providing a section on the front page for the latest stories simultaneously advertised the blog and kept Google’s algorithm happy with rotating content. That was followed by a newsletter signup email collection section for direct marketing.

instagram feed and footer

I ended the page with the beautifully curated Instagram feed before finishing with the footer. I organized the footer with product information and links to fulfill any other potential customer needs before they leave.

last words

When the redesign and marketing was launched the response was overwhelmingly positive. Emerald Family Farms saw an enormous increase in traffic, sales, engagement, and conversions in the first year.

Unfortunately, due to the declining California Cannabis industry and a race to the bottom for wholesale pricing, the owners shut down the company in early 2022. The brand will endure in a new format going forward.

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